UN Global Compact

The goals defined by the United Nations Global Compact pursue a sustainable and responsible corporate governance. We as Goerg & Schneider feel strongly connected to them and have been envisioning these goals going forward. As a raw materials supplier, responsible use and sustainable management is a prerequisite for our future competitiveness and as a family business we think in generations. In light of this, the philosophy of securing and preserving resources and raw materials for future generations is embedded in our corporate culture.

UN Global Compact

Goal 4: Quality education

Our aim is to enable young people to start their career based on a sound educational background. And so we offer ongoing training, internships for schoolchildren and university students and the Deutschlandstipendium (a kind of scholarship) - to give young people the opportunity of high-quality education.

UN Global Compact

Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy

We work climate neutral, 100% with green electricity from renewable energy sources. In addition to expanding our own generation capacities of photovoltaics, the topic energy efficiency is crucial to us. Energy audits and investment in energy-efficient measures are a key component of our defined corporate goals. We also work with local energy cooperatives to source clean energy from the immediate vicinity...

UN Global Compact

Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

The development of new products for CO2 reduction is a major goal. These include calcined clays for building material applications as a cement substitute. In this context, we work closely with partners from industry and research. In addition, recycling and processing by-products and their incorporation into the value chain are key elements if you want to offer innovative raw material solutions.

UN Global Compact

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

The majority of our raw materials are used to produce recyclable ceramic products. Resource efficiency, securing raw material supplies and the sustainable use of our raw materials is our overarching corporate goal. Our raw material cycle ends with the final recultivation of former mining areas.


Goerg & Schneider

The main component of the Global Compact goals is the integration and cooperation with local stakeholders and partnerships. Since its foundation in 1924, Goerg & Schneider has been a reliable neighbour and a company with “on-site presence". Firmly rooted in our region, our major stakeholders are right next door. Learn more