Ceramic bodies

Depending on the form of delivery, our ceramic bodies are ready-to-use by the consumer without any additional processing. Ceramic bodies are produced by adding milled clays, milled chamottes and other product-specific additives (e.g. kaolin, feldspar, lime). Bodies are available in powder form, granulated (following the addition of 10 - 12% water) or plastic extrusion, if the water content is higher. After some small-scale raw material testing in our laboratory, our technical staff are available at the customer’s premises to assist and support the introduction of bodies at the production site.

Fine ware preparation: The grinding and homogenization in our production facilities allows our products to be used in almost all ceramic application areas. Ceramic bodies can be produced in various forms: plastically extruded (18-24% moisture), granulated by adding water, dust-free (10-13% moisture), loose or in big bag, powder form with separate addition of chamotte.

Technical data sheets

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