Clay / Milled clay

Our raw clays are extracted by specific extraction systems as individual components in several open-cast mines. Using conveyor systems, the material is transported to sheltered interim storage facilities. As part of this process, representative samples are systematically drawn by automatic samplers. Subsequently, the raw clay samples are examined in the laboratory for various properties, always with a view to their later use, e.g. their behaviour under ceramic production conditions, grain size distribution and chemical analysis.

Milled clay and milled clay mixtures are produced on the basis of raw clay mixtures by drying and dry grinding. Depending on the application, these may be combined in the homogenization silo to create raw material blends.

Customer-specific blends: Raw material blends are made up of individual components, which are put together specifically for your needs after inspecting your production on site and carefully analysing the other raw materials used in production. Equipped with state-of-the-art production technology for raw material mining and processing machinery, we can offer raw material solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs. All clays from Goerg & Schneider are available as clay powder in various delivery forms. We are happy to provide additional customer service and support in forwarding and logistics operations.

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The mining of raw materials is carried out in our own open-cast mines. We have sufficient raw material reserves to continue to deliver raw materials for further processing in years to come. Learn more