Success histories

Andrea L.

“I work together with a great team in our central laboratory in Boden. The quality of our products is very important. Therefore, we spend a lot of time testing and checking to ensure they meet the specific requirements and are in line with what our customers want. I am very happy to be part of this company.”

Susanne K.

“After taking parental leave for my second child I am very glad to be back in my job in Financial Accounting. The team at G&S made the return very easy for me. By now I can look back on more than 20 years of employment at G&S following the completion of my apprenticeship there.”

Sebastian G.

“At Goerg & Schneider you can rely on your colleagues and the management, there is always an open ear for our concerns!"

Victor S.

“I have been lucky to work for Goerg & Schneider for 15 years now. I love my work and look forward to the next couple of years with all the new challenges."

Anna W. & Theresa B.

"We had the opportunity to complete our apprenticeship at Goerg & Schneider. Our instructors were always willing to listen to our concerns. Likewise, our colleagues were very supportive.

After having successfully completed our apprenticeship we are looking forward to continuing the good cooperation with our colleagues at G&S.”

Elisabeth H. & Ruth B.

"We have been working together as a team at the workplace “Order processing/Invoicing” in a "Job Sharing Model" for several years now.

Mutual trust, comprehensive communication, a high degree of cooperativeness and flexibility are the basis for good teamwork."

Helmut H.

“After having successfully completed my apprenticeship at Goerg & Schneider, I was at first given the opportunity for further training to become an Electrical Engineering Master Technician. Even after 3 decades employment in the company, the work in the field of Electrical Engineering is extremely varied due to permanent innovation and the relationship amongst colleagues in the company is very good.”