Clay deposits

The company was founded on September 1st, 1924. A large number of deposits were developed in the following decades.

Securing of raw material resources

  • 1980, the purchase of the "Eisbach" opencast clay working near Girod/Westerwald for which a strategic exploitation plan covering around 10 hectares was approved in 1996 (since 2003 re-opening of the production)
  • 1985, the acquisition of the "Zimmermann" claim near Staudt/Westerwald with a strategic exploitation plan of approximately 6 hectares (commencement of clay extraction in 1999)
  • 1998, the entry and involvement in the Mittelhessische Tonbergbau GmbH (MTG), set up for the utilization of raw material deposits and preparation facilities in the Giessen/Lahn area.
  • 1999, approved strategic exploitation plan for Goddert/Westerwald with a reserved area totaling 20 hectares for the extraction of clay (production of clay extraction beginning in 2004)
  • 2002 purchase of the raw kaolin deposit Kettenbach
  • 2007 long-term lease of the clay deposit "Barbara", Girod
  • 2008 purchase of the clay deposit "Stoss", Langenaubach with preparation facilities

Clay deposit "Guterborn" Boden

For many years, the clay mine Guterborn II near Boden, which was opened up as an extension of clay mine I in 1995, has been the deposit with the highest production capacity of approx. 120,000 t annually.

At the same time, it holds the company’s largest long-term clay reserves. The clay extraction is based on an approved strategic exploitation plan until 2068.
The clay deposit mainly holds light and white firing clays with an Al2O3 range between 15 and 30 %. The single qualities are components in numerous mixtures for tile and sanitary ceramics as well as earthenware and fine stoneware ceramics.

The clay mine is connected to the biggest G&S mixture and homogenization plant for raw clays and there is an in-house railway connection for clay shipment.

"Girod" deposit

The red-burning clays are used in the clinker and brick industry.

"Goddert" deposit

The light-burning plastic clays are mainly used in the tile industry.

Clay deposit "Stoß" Haiger-Langenaubach

The clays from "Stoss" are malleable, white firing clays with a high dry mechanic strength. They are mainly used in the field of sanitary ceramics and for the production of wall and floor tiles as well as for architectural ceramics.

Raw kaolin - deposit KETTENBACH / Taunus

The white firing raw kaolin from KETTENBACH / Taunus has been used, after being prepared appropriately, for the production of paper and as filler material for over 30 years. 

The light firing raw kaolin has been used as additional component for ceramic casting bodies since the early eighties.

Only recently the excellent properties of the light and red firing raw kaolin has become apparent for the use in ceramic bodies due to an ongoing dialogue where application efforts and industry test results were shared. 

With the takeover of the raw kaolin deposit in 2002, Goerg & Schneider has secured an important raw material base for casting bodies. In addition, application methods already deployed in brick and tile ceramics are continuously extended. 

Availability and extraction

The current and future size of the raw kaolin extraction area is 20 hectares. Drillings have confirmed a quantity of approx. 1.5 million tons of raw kaolin (2/3 of this quantity is yellow and red firing). The thickness of the excavated earth at the slightly inclined plot ranges from 2 meters to a maximum of 12 meters. The kaolin layer lies between 5 and 15 meters depth. 

The extraction of the raw kaolin of currently 50,000 tons per year is carried out by bucket excavators and subsequently the material is transported by four-wheel drive trucks. Separated into qualities (white, red and yellow firing) the kaolin is stored beyond the mine in an open-air deposit.

The material can be delivered unground or shredded < 30 mm or shredded and sieved < 8 mm by a powerscreen. It is also available in dry and milled form (packed or in bulk). 

MTG Mittelhessische Tonbergbau GmbH & Co. KG

Erdkautenweg 40-50
35392 Gießen

As co-owner of the company MTG Mittelhessische Tonbergbau GmbH & Co. KG, Goerg & Schneider can also offer the raw materials that are extracted and prepared there.