Career starter

Once you have completed your studies or apprenticeship, there are excellent opportunities to start a career at Goerg & Schneider. Your area of responsibility is filled with interesting and challenging tasks and there is a culture where bringing in your own ideas is very much appreciated. We know that empowering our staff to take on appropriate responsibility helps them shape their environment to perform successfully in their job. Getting onboard is made easier with thorough initial training and becoming familiarized with the new workspace and there is an intense sharing of knowledge with experienced fellow workers.

We employ

  • Trained System Supervisors

  • Master of Business Administration

  • Trained Office Administration Assistants

  • Trained Electronic Technicians

  • Master Craftsmen – metal -

  • Trained Industrial Business Management Assistants

  • Trained Industrial Mechanics

  • Foremen – Ceramics

  • Computer Scientists

  • Ceramics Engineers

  • Engineers of Ceramic Technology

  • Machine Operators

  • Test Technologists


Goerg & Schneider

We are an innovative and future-oriented organisation. Teams of long-standing employees with a profound understanding of the clay mining business along with well-trained junior staff lead to innovative ideas and inspirations for improvement. Outside-the-box thinking and acting is appreciated and encouraged. Many of our staff are represented on the committees of several professional associations. Continuous further training is a matter of course at G&S