Despite the temporary interference in the landscape and natural surroundings, the mining of ceramic raw materials and industrial minerals is ultimately the cause of the emergence of a multitude of natural communities and habitats. Recultivation and restoration of post-mining land creates potential for new wildlife in wetlands, ponds, mixed deciduous and coniferous forests, near-natural watercourses, succession areas and many more.

They are created for long-term existence to compensate for the temporary impact on the natural balance and the scenery, which is entailed with the extraction of raw materials. (Source: BKRI)

We are committed

In a joint effort with the associated Federal Association of Ceramic Raw Materials and Industrial Minerals (BKRI), Goerg & Schneider has been part of nature and species conservation projects for more than 25 years:

Tree frog in the Westerwald
Yellow-bellied toads in clay deposits
Project for the protection of FFH species and bird species in inactive and toned open-cast mines
Framework agreement on water protection with the state of Rhineland-Palatinate
Sustainable development of the raw materials sector
Conservation and clay mining