The Goerg & Schneider company

Goerg & Schneider is one of the leading companies in the Westerwald, specializing in the extraction and processing of ceramic raw materials.

Our company's goal is to develop and produce quality products that are in line with the technical specifications and – that goes without saying - meet our customers’ expectations. To accomplish this aim, we need be highly flexible in the composition of raw material blends and delivery forms.

For generations

September 01, 1924: Foundation of the open trading company by Benedikt Goerg and Alois Schneider, based in Siershahn.
The business of the founding generation was engaged in the purchase and sale of clay, quartzite and the exploitation of mining claims.
The second generation headed by Dipl. Ing. Walter Goerg expanded the product range with the introduction of tunnel kilns and grinding plants for the production of chamotte and refractories. In addition, the share held by "Schneider" was completely taken over by the Goerg family.
The investment in a clay milling plant by the 3rd generation was the initial step to enter the the production of ceramic bodies.
The family business is currently run by managing directors Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Hartmut Goerg and his wife Dipl. Betriebswirtin Martina Goerg.
In 2018, MSc Florian Goerg, the 4th generation joined the company. He is currently preparing for company succession.