Chamotte / Calcined clay

Our chamottes and calcined clays are formed into plastic strands on the basis of defined clay blends and additional homogenization processes. The firing takes place after the drying process in a gas-heated tunnel kiln has been completed. Depending on the technical quality and desired properties, the firing process allows different firing curves with a maximum firing temperature of approx. 850 ° C - 1300 ° C. Low-iron grinding is done in our modern grinding plants. The subsequent screening classifies the chamottes into different grain sizes and defined grain distributions in fractions of e.g. 0-0.2 mm or 0-1.5 mm.

Innovative calcined products: Our broad raw material base and state-of-the-art production facilities are the foundation for our wide range of products and a variety of possible applications within the ceramic and non-ceramic field. Over time, we have been able to build on our expertise in the calcination of raw materials and in cooperation with our partners have developed innovative products. Likewise, we work closely with external research institutes on different projects.

Technical data sheets

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In 2012 we introduced an energy management system and subsequently were awarded with the Rhineland-Palatinate Raw Material Prize. CO2-optimized products and processes as well as the extraction of raw materials in deposits in close proximity keep our carbon footprint at a minimum. Learn more