Non-ceramic applications

We have been able to incorporate the knowledge gained through long years of hands-on experience into the technical properties of our raw materials in ceramic applications, and over time have transfered this knowledge to other areas of application. The close cooperation with external research institutes, industry partners and last but not least the learnings and findings gathered from these partnerships have led to a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. In particular, the tailored preparation and processing of our own raw materials as well as those sourced from elsewhere have taught us how to use these semi-finished products in various special applications outside of the classic ceramic industry.

Non-ceramic applications

Product variety


Raw material solutions

Our customers can benefit from our excellent network with other raw material producers in the market. We can mix our own raw materials with those sourced from other suppliers to achieve the best possible solutions. Goerg & Schneider is in full control of the further processing steps along the entire value chain from production and, if necessary, also covers logistic services. A trustful cooperation with potential customers and external research institutes guarantees that valuable knowledge derived from these partnerships is shared. Learn more