Quality policy

To comply with the specified quality policy, a quality management system was launched which is described in the existing quality management manual and put into force. It guarantees that all organisational, commercial and technical activities that have an impact on the quality of the products and the processes, are thoroughly planned and controlled. The quality management system meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

A quality management officer, who reports directly to the management, has been appointed to make sure the quality management system is followed. The company staff are obliged to comply with the regulations specified in the quality management system and - going further -are eager to contribute to its development.

Quality has a name: The aim of the company is to develop and make products that are in line with market needs and meet stringent quality requirements. Our products will satisfy customer expectations while at the same time legal and safety regulations are observed. Last but not least, the capacity of the company and the needs of its employees are also taken into account.

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