A Westerwald clay box in the family holiday resort

A mobile suitcase filled with miniature exhibits from the clay processing industry, clay samples, experimental utensils and a folder filled with knowledge about the origin, mining and use of the raw material clay.

The project "Clay boxes for schools", initiated, among other things, by the Westerwald Clay Association,enjoys great popularity. www.westerwald-ton.info/projekt-westerwaelder-tonkiste

This time Goerg & Schneider donated a suitcase to the family holiday resort in 56412 Hübingen www.ffd-huebingen.de.

In the family holiday resort, children can spend their holiday and are, among other things, introduced to the ceramic art. The ceramist Mrs. Müssig-Jarnicki instructs the children professionally.

The managing director, Martina Goerg, was pleased when the children asked questions about clay as a raw material.