Energy politics

The CDU county council group is currently visiting medium-sized companies in order to listen to their worries and needs - especially in times of pandemic - and to look together for solutions.

Goerg & Schneider used this opportunity to discuss the continuous rising energy costs with Jenny Groß, Member of the Rhineland-Palatinate Parliament, Dr. Stephan Krempel the Parliamentary Party Leader and Ralf Seekatz, Member of the European Parliament.

Since the company is not exempt from the EEG-surcharge, and since even higher costs are to be expected because of the CO2-pricing as of 2021, the company is looking for the highest possible own power supply.  

The construction of meanwhile three PV systems on the roofs of the production plants is a first step in this direction.

Another solution comes into consideration: G&S could use a solar park within the frame of a backfilling of an area where clay mining has been finished.  This solar park should be built by the local community Boden and an energy cooperative. G&S would be the principal user of the electricity. Advantage: no cost-intensive electricity storage, short distances of the electricity processing. The local community, the energy cooperative and G&S as well as the environment would profit by this.

On the occasion of the plant tour the politicians were pleased to see that innovative companies like G&S succeeded in accompanying the structural change from “Grey-Blue-Products” to high-quality industrial ceramics with technically processed raw materials.

                                                                                            Ralf Seekatz, Jenny Groß, Company Management G&S, Dr. Stephan Krempel