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Quality has one name - Goerg & Schneider

rfa-qualitaetExploitable deposits are pegged out by means of core drilling. Strata profiles in a system of coordinates with max. 50 m distance between the drill holes provide information on the quality and quantity of the clay zones. Later sampling at the face serves production control.

Quality testing and assessment are performed continuously during processing of the different products, on the basis of representative samples taken mostly direct from the material flow mainly by means of automat

ic samplers and sample dividers. The essential parameters of the raw material specification sheets are defined in accordance with DIN regulations, the recommendations of the German Ceramic Society (DKG) and customer-specific agreements.

probenAnalysis in our central laboratory Boden:

Raw clay: chemical composition, fi ring behaviour, castability, dry bending strength, sieve residue.

Lump chamotte: water absorption, fi ring colour, coefficient of thermal expansion, chemical analysis.

Milled chamotte: particle-size distribution, magnetic residue.

Milled clay: particle-size distribution, firing colour, firing shrinkage, chemical analysis.

Bodies: Drying- and firing shrinkage, porosity, plasticity, workability, castability and body formation.