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Certification ISO 9001:2015

In the past, efficiency and price have been the determining factors for the success of a company. Today a company should be as well innovative, unique and adaptive with a well-thought-out production and service program, flexible adaptation ability to changing market conditions and customer requirements as well as highest quality of course. For these enormous demands Goerg & Schneider has a quality management system.

With the help of this system Goerg & Schneider defines which specifications have to be realised in service and production to raise the efficiency and guarantee the quality in all departments. Faults in the processes can be first seen in defect products. Experience shows that already a low error rate per supplied part importantly raises the probability of a faulty end product.

TÜV Zertifikat ISO 9001:2000By the introduction of our quality management system we did not only optimize our processes and interfaces but we also increased our competitiveness regarding the global competition that becomes more and more difficult.

The certification ISO 9001:2015 with process orientation supports Goerg & Schneider in this challenge.


Contact person quality management

Jörg Herz

Jörg Herz

Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Silicattechnik

Quality Control Clay and Chamotte

Quality management / Energy commissioner

Tel.: 02602 / 9273-252
Fax.: 02602 / 9273-250