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Environment for generations. GOERG & SCHNEIDER.

naturPrior to the clay extraction, which implies interference with natural raw materials lying just under the surface, GOERG & SCHNEIDER has carefully drawn up plans prepared by experts in site exploitation planning. These plans regulate extraction, preparation and re-cultivation during the entire working life of an extraction site.

Imission- and emission forecasts in respect of noise and dust form a basis for technical safety measures in order to ensure admissible level sound limits in the preparation plants. They also guarantee emission limits for the grinding plants and tunnel kiln. Precipitation water from the opencast workings and the plant area are led in settling basins. A maximum part of the water-muddying clay particle sediments before flowing into public waters.

rekultivierungGOERG & SCHNEIDER attaches great importance to energy efficiency. Plants and vehicles are state-ofthe-art. Electrical devices are constantly maintained as are energy saving lamps and motion detectors. Buildings are thermodynamically controlled and photo-voltaic plants reduce the CO2 emission. Since 2012 the company has established an energy management system and was awarded a Rhineland-Palatinate raw material prize in the same year.

Through low-waste product design- and processing as well as reusable big bags and pallets, the company reduces the packing material and meets the legal packing regulations. Raw clay transport to the customer is carried out either by truck or by wagon via our own rail access.