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Securing of raw material resources

  • 1980, the purchase of the "Eisbach" opencast clay working near Girod/Westerwald for which a strategic exploitation plan covering around 10 hectares was approved in 1996 (since 2003 re-opening of the production)
  • 1985, the acquisition of the "Zimmermann" claim near Staudt/Westerwald with a strategic exploitation plan of ca. 6 hectares (beginning of the clay extraction in 1999)
  • 1998, the entry and involvement in the Mittelhessische Tonbergbau GmbH (MTG), set up for the utilization of raw material deposits and preparation facilities in the Giessen/Lahn area.
  • 1999, approved strategic exploitation plan for Goddert/Westerwald with a reserved area totaling 20 hectares for the extraction of clay (production of clay extraction beginning in 2004)
  • 2002 purchase of the raw kaolin deposit Kettenbach
  • 2007 long-term lease of the clay deposit "Barbara", Girod
  • 2008 purchase of the clay deposit "Stoss", Langenaubach with preparation facilities