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Milled clays / Milled clay mixtures

Milled clays and milled clay mixtures are produced by drying and dry grinding on the basis of shredded raw clays or raw clay mixtures. They have a residual moisture of ca. 1 % and a fineness of < 100 µm. Milled clays are created by the fully automatic mixture of single components. The following air circulation and mixing process in the homogenisation silo result in a steady product.

All clays of Goerg & Schneider are available as milled clay depending on the purchase quantity. This is also valid for milled clay mixtures for industry customers.

Forms of delivery: 

  • in paper sacks of 25 kg
  • in silo-truck


Standard Milled clay mixtures

Standard milled clay mixtures are available at a quantity from 1t / quality.

You will find an overview here: Raw material data sheet

Forms of delivery:

  • in paper sacks of 25 kg 
  • in silo-truck