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Clays, chamotte, ceramic bodies


Raw clays

rohtone01Raw clays, in lumps, sliced and milled

 In several open-cast operations the raw clays are extracted selectively which means that they are separated into different qualities. They are shredded into lumps whose size is no larger than 5 cm. Conveyor belts transport the material into covered intermediate storages. Automatic samplers regularly remove random samples that are analysed in our modern laboratory for different kinds of features, such as firing behaviour, firing colour, chemical analysis and shrinkage. Today homogenized raw clay mixtures are the basis for all customer deliveries.

Milled clays
Single clays are milled and, if necessary, mixed with other clays in a homogenisation silo.
Raw kaolin, shredded and sieved

The extraction, mechanical grinding and storage of the white, yellow and red firing raw china clays for the use in casting and building ceramics takes place in our deposit near Aarbergen/Taunus.


Chamotte in lumps

2011_08_29_0010Chamottes in lumps are defined clay mixtures that are fired in two gas tunnel kilns after an additional homogenisation in a double shaft mixer and clay cleaner. The production process allows a flexible arrangement on the tunnel kiln cars as well as a specific firing curve for obtaining ceramic properties, such as water absorption and coefficient of thermal expansion.

Milled chamotte

Milled Chamotte is made by non-ferrous dry grinding of chamotte and classification through sieves. The technical facilities allow the production of specific grain compositions or of fractionated deliveries.

Ceramic bodies


Single clays are milled and, if necessary, mixed with other clays in a homogenisation silo. Bodies are made by composing milled clays, sometimes milled chamotte and by adding specific supplements (for example kaolin, feldspar, calcite). However, depending on the form of delivery, the bodies are ready to use without extra preparation by the consumer.

Bodies are available in powder form, after adding 10 – 12 % water in pellet form or with a higher water concentration in plastic form.

Bodies for hobbies and potteries

keramische massen hubelBodies for hobbies and potteries are plastic lumps (10 kg) that are individually packed. The composition and properties of the bodies are dependant on the type of application, for example turning, pressing, building and modelling.

Click here for the website: GOERG & SCHNEIDER Ceramic bodies