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Plastic bodies, non-wrapped

Plastic Bodies non-wrapped


Plastic bodies for various structural ceramic applications are developed to meet customers’ specific requirements. They are produced as of purchase/delivery quantities of 5 t.

Raw material composition also includes several individual clays, chamotte fractions if needed, and other siliceous aggregates. After laboratory development the body is put into production and this is supported by us if requested.

Delivery forms


  • Extruded plastic bodies in several lump sizes (18-24 % humidity), put on pallets with foil layers and shrink-wrapped
  • Pelletized by adding water, dust-free (10-13 % humidity), in bulk or in Big Bags (up to 1200 kg per Big Bag)
  • In powder form (the chamotte ingredient is provided separately), in bulk, silo truck, bags or Big Bags.