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Ceramic bodies from Goerg & Schneider


Single clays are milled and, if necessary, mixed with other clays in a homogenisation silo. Bodies are made by composing milled clays, sometimes milled chamotte and by adding specific supplements (for example kaolin, feldspar, calcite). However, depending on the form of delivery, the bodies are ready to use without extra preparation by the consumer.

GS keramische Masse 2015 

Bodies are available in powder form, after adding 10 – 12 % water in pellet form or with a higher water concentraiton in plastic form


Bodies for hobbyists and potter - pure pottery passion

Bodies for hobby and potteries are plastic lumps (10 kg) that are individually packed. The composition and properties of the bodies are dependant on the type of application, for example turning, pressing, building and modelling.

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